First Posting

After taking about two years, thinking, let waste no time and update my website for a good purpose. I also notice that my old websites under BlogSpot is no longer available. 

To make my life, your life and our life much more easier I sort the important stuff into six categories as below:

This may consist of my life experience or review of something.

Lets study about the latest update in technology and gaming world. So that you might know something good and bad. Maybe for us too.

There are a lot of scams and fake news out there. Hope I can fix this world.

Maybe I will share about the photographer and also the videographer too. If there are something bad, I shall remarks.

The model which I collaborate before or not. Also to help other people to find the talents or models for their projects. Lastly, to share with you guys some of talents which are “FFK”.

The MUA around? For now never meet someone who are “FFK” enough like the talents.

I will try to update from time to time and also add more categories if it is needed. Some brilliant comments are welcome.